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Vu Ginza Japanese Steakhouse, located in Indianapolis, serves its customers only quality and mouthwatering steaks and sushi. All our dishes are made from the freshest and finest ingredients to add the most flavor to each meal.

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Refuel to finish your day with savory selections from our lunch menu. Celebrate the end of your day with a pick from our dinner menu, including teriyaki steak, hibachi fish, ect.

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Welcome to Vu Ginza Japanese Steakhouse!


Ginza has been offering the best in traditional Japanese cuisine for Indianapolis since 1987. The restaurant is well known for its fresh, high quality food, served in an entertaining environment. Ginza has a spacious atmosphere, a cordial air and an attentive staff, including chefs that prepare and customize your meal before your eyes! Ginza's robust, Teppan style food has developed a sterling reputation across Indy. Our Sushi and Teppan menus are extensive and offer something for everyone. Prepared for you, fresh and at your table, our cuisine's aroma alone can satiate the strongest of appetites.

Come to Vu Ginza Japanese Steakhouse today for authentic Japanese food and explore the new experience

What is Teppan Yaki Cooking and Traditional Japanese Dining?

Teppan Yaki is the Japanese art of tabletop cooking. It turns food preparation into dramatic entertainment. Teppan (Iron) cooking is a great way to enjoy fresh cooked food for your eyes as well as body with our entertaining chefs. The principles of Traditional Japanese Dining revolve around the ideas of nature and harmony. All elements of a meal, the dish, table and diner, should be in harmony with an emphasis on nature. Every effort is taken to prevent any of the natural flavors from being masked. Each meal is a complete work of art, with all the elements coming together to be as pleasing to the eye as to the palate. Japanese food is also healthy, keeping in line with the emphasis on nature and harmony. The most important thing to remember about Japanese dining is to absorb it as a whole, both the appearance and taste of the food, and the surroundings. Eating at Ginza is an experience. We serve more than just a meal ...

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