Elevate your lunch above the every day or turn your evening meal into an authentic Japanese feast with a visit to Vu Ginza Japanese Steakhouse

Refuel to finish your day with authentic Japanese flavor that’s a West Side Favorite! You can savor our teriyaki or ginger chicken, hibachi fish, teriyaki rib eye steak or yaki soba (pan fried noodles). They come with soup, salad, hibachi vegetables and more.

You’ll savor our sushi and sashimi

Choose our sushi a la ginza, sashimi deluxe, chirashi dinner or big boat sushi and sashimi combination

Take your pick of our salmon or tuna cocktail. Fill up on our Ginza, California, Mexico, or Philadelphia rolls. Or try our octopus salad appetizer.

Try our tasty tempura

You can also opt for chicken, vegetable, or shrimp tempura, our tuna or beef tataki, or our agedashi tofu. See our lunch menu below to browse all of your options.

Finish up with a sweet

Don’t forget to try our desserts. You can get mango, green tea, or red bean ice cream, and more.

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